2017 Resolutions!

  • Get weight down to 210lbs (starting weight: 257.2lbs)
  • Side Project Income Goal: $25,000
  • Focus more fully on few projects
  • Pay Down Debt, ala Total Money Makeover
  • Invest Less in Social Media Opions; invest more in personal relationships
  • Be more positive. Read more. Curse less.

I wrote a lot about these.

I started a new blog in late December 2016. It's serving as perhaps a more personal blog for my thoughts on non-tech stuff. It's a place where that will be my reminder to be more positive. It's called Good House Blog because my last name - "Casabona" - translates to that from Italian. I think it's a fitting now for the blog too. It's what I'm striving for.

Read Here's to 2017